Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Exiled to Lunar Lakes - Chapter 4, Part 2 - Broken Memories

Warning, flashing lights in some pictures below.

Time froze in place as Petre waited in silence. Waited for something to happen, someone to come.
Maybe some more of the ceiling would fall.
At this point, he was damned if he knew.
Shards of glass flew up in the air to form the light bulb again. The light bulb slowly flickered as Petre stared, slack-jawed.
The light brightened as the ceiling pieced itself together again.

Petre knew right in that moment, he had lost his damn mind.
The door swung forward as the hinges creaked against its weight.

Petre stared at as he cursed under his breath.
That damn door was unlocked the whole time? You had to be fucking kidding.
Was this all some twisted show by some lunatic in Lunar Lakes?

Petre sighed. He wouldn’t doubt it.
Petre stared at the chair as he looked at it. For everything else in the room that had oddly pieced itself together, the chair had stayed broken.

He shook his head before talking under his breath. “You’re losing you're damn mind, Petre.” He needed a cigarette. Yes. A cigarette. He looked around in his pockets.

It wasn’t likely the kidnappers would have let him keep them, but the ceiling just pieced itself together so why the fuck not? Petre searched his pocket as he cursed under his breath. 
Damn it. The shock of the situation was starting to wear off as he looked at the chair warily before grabbing a piece of what reminded of it.
He was forgetting something.
His eyes widened as he dropped the piece of the chair as he rushed out the door.
Her bright green eyes in the front of his mind made him remember he wasn’t the only one taken.

The door creaked before shutting close behind him.
No turning back now.

Petre looked around the hallway as the lights flickered above. He stared at the ceiling for a moment to make sure it didn’t start falling apart.

He didn’t want to deal with that shit again.
Petre looked at each of the eight doors down the hallway as he decided what he should do.

He frantically started try to open the first one. The door didn’t budge. His eyebrows furrowed as he debated between forcing the door open or trying the rest of the seven as the hallway lights shut off.
Petre hurried as he tried opening every damn door he could before something happened again.

In another moment of complete silence, a door swung forward on it’s hinges as the light next to it flickered rapidly.

Petre ran to the door as his eyes searched for something. 
No, someone.
He was looking for the woman.
Petre winced as he thought about what he might find.
His eyes landed on a small body curled into a ball.

Her bright hair could still be seen in the darkness.
Petre sat down next to her as adrenaline sped through his body. They needed to get out of here.

He gently shook her shoulder as she hugged her legs tighter and whimpered under her breath.

Petre’s eyes widened in surprise before anger consumed him.
Anger for what they did, anger for what they could have done. What had they done to her?
He pushed it in the back of his mind before speaking. He needed to focus on getting them both out of here. “I don’t know what they did to you, but we have to do go. We’ll kill them later.” The words became a promise of some kind once they left his lips.
The woman uncurled herself as she looked up at him. The defiance in her eyes was nearly gone and he found himself wishing it wasn’t.

Wishing that she was still the same woman from that tried to slap him at a bar for treating death casually. “I promised I would start listening to them.”

Petre stared at her.
They had done something and his want to kill them for causing his day inconvenience was growing more and more out of hatred.
”Does that mean you are not coming?” He said carefully even though he knew her answer to the question. They had done some damage.
The woman looked at the ground as she hesitated before nodding.

Petre looked at her for a long moment before quickly picking her up gently and placing her over his shoulder.
He would get them both out of here, even if it no longer seemed like an option in her mind.

Petre briefly thought about how longer they could have been here and couldn’t shake the feeling that something supernatural was going on with this damn place. How would he know the time?

The woman went silent for a moment as Petre started walking towards the end of the hallway before she started screaming and cursing at him.

Petre shook his head as he looked around for the exit.
He would kill them yet even through it all, they hadn’t managed to kill this woman’s spark.

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  1. Petre, you are by far my favorite. I ship you and Zo together 100%
    Nothing says romance like asking her opinion and then DRAGGING HER ALONG ANYWAYS. ;) Just teasing! I loved it mpart! All of it! The gifs were incredible! I was floored! I can't wait to see what happens next!

    1. Petre and Zo are too much. XD Thank you so much! I get a feeling you will enjoy this next chapter...

  2. Loooooooooveeeeee is in the air!

    Damn that angling, I was starting to get freaked with those flickering lights, AND ALL THE LIGHTS ARE OPEN OVER HERE.

    That's so ODD tho! What made the ceiling go back to normal? and WHY was the chair the only thing left? CONFUSED YET INTRIGUED.

    1. It is indeed...
      I get the feeling some more crazy shit is about to go down....

  3. Aw, Zoraida isn't doing too good. Petre seems like a nice guy and he seems to like her, so he'll take care of her. It really took her a while before she realized she was being carried. I'm worried for her :(

    It's curious how everything came back to normal! Is Zoraida in control of this dream world? (Dream world yes! That's going to be my guess for now!)

    1. Yeah. She's not doing the best sadly. :( Petre is a good guy. At first I thought he was an asshole then he wasn't an asshole so it got confusing to write for a bit. Ah I'm so tempted. I'm so tempted to give spoilers. Thank you for your comments =D


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