Thursday, September 14, 2017

Exiled to Lunar Lakes - Chapter 4, Part 1 - Broken Memories

The chair snapped as Zoraida began to fall to the ground.

Her eyes widened as her body froze right before it hit the ground. Trying to clench her fists on reflex, she realized just how much she couldn’t move.
She couldn’t move.
Zoraida hated this feeling of vulnerability; a feeling all too familiar.

Her mind clouded over as her she grasped at memories as her mind nudged her away from the.
Don’t do it.
Zoraida being the person she was, frozen in gods’s know what moment, took it as a personal challenge.

If there was something she wasn’t meant to see or couldn’t see, she would see it.
Her mind couldn’t hide what crept in the shadows of it for long. Yet a voice that sounded hauntingly familiar echoed in the back of her mind.

You don’t want to see what you have become.

Oh, but she did indeed. Memories flashed in front of her eyes of the day she had. Two kidnappings, one death, and too many questions with not enough answers. The woman’s words hours before became yet another echo to join Zoraida's troubled mind.

“Stop wasting time looking for answers you don’t need.”
Despite all the warnings her own mind tossed at her, Zoraida pushed forward as a familiar sense of darkness clouded her vision.

For the first time, she finally ended up letting it win without putting up a fight.

Her mind screamed as she woke up in a world that was no longer her’s. Her light hair and dark eyes seemed to make the difference crystal clear.

She had woken up in a world void of color when she had been in one bursting with color moments before.

The warnings, her own mind, the kidnappings...she would take it all back.
She would take it all back.
She wanted it back.
The hospital room was a pale comparison to Lunar Lakes.
The edges of her vision blurred.

Real or not real? She wasn’t sure.
Was this a memory or a nightmare?

Footsteps approached the hospital room as the woman took shaky breaths. 
Her first instinct was not to protect herself, not to jump into action.

Her body froze with fear as her eyes widened.
She was afraid.
The door opened as her vision blurred.

She didn’t want this.
She would take it back; she would listen this time.

Would she though? A voice whispered in the back of her mind.
Her vision faded to black as she fell to the ground.

Hey guys! I was playing around with editing and wanted this to flow was split into parts. I hope you enjoyed this (very) short part. =D

SimNoWriMo Word count: 417
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    Goodness is Lunar Lakes really just a dream?

    but, but, what about Petre, it can't be fake, nope I vote not fake, the HOSPITAL MUST BE FAKE

    Sweet and intense, THANKS FOR THE READ MPART

    1. I can not confirm nor deny if it is or isn't...yet. (I honestly don't know) SHIT. IF MY SHIP ISN'T REAL..GAH. NOOOO. DON'T GIVE MY IDEAS. Thank you, Blams! =D

  2. NOooo I was hoping my ship might come to be in this chapter! D:
    This is really trippy though, on the one hand... ONE of those places isn't real... I have no idea which at this point, but I'm inclined to believe it's Lunar Lakes IF ONLY because she's JUST NOW getting glimpses of... is that a hospital? Maybe she was in an accident?
    There's so many questions! I'm gripping the edge of my seat! I can't wait to see where this goes next (my ship? Hopefully? PETRE I'M COMIN' BABY)!
    <3 I'm glad this is what I can finish my night off with!

    1. Awwww, thank you! Yes! Continue your shipping! I'm shipping along with you. XD I ship them so damn much it hurts.

  3. Woaaahhhhhhhh

    What a plot twist! It was all fake? A dream?
    But what about Petre? Maybe it's a collective dream?

    1. Oh my goodness I really want to hug you right now. IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN. IT MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN. Only time will tell.


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