Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Reilly Short Dynasty - Chapter 1 - So Many Cats - Fail

We start off the first chapter with Morrigan-
"Contemplating the death of the writer."
Checks Carl's rules.
Kay, we're good.

After contemplating my death and a quick check to see if Morrigan had the evil trait, funds were reduced and the Short Dynasty was started in the same ol' empty lot.

Here's a majestic picture of Morrigan. Why? Dunno. Brain decided it was to be so it was. IT'S SYMBOLIC Y'ALL.

The first important thing Morrigan decided to do was-
"Watch CAT videos. So cute!"

I'm not even mad. I was waiting for the future portal thing to pop up because I had reduced family funds before taking that into consideration. Yet, my perfectionist self did not allow this. That meant-
"Time to look for cats."

After a cat was on it's way Morrigan went back to the very important business of watching more cat videos.
I ain't even mad.

Finally, the first cat arrived. His name-
Stop interrupting me. It's rude. Goodness.
Oh well. It's fine. He's cute.

'This house is shit.' - Cat.
Checks Carl's rules again.
Shit. Gah. I guess this is no longer family-friendly.
Damn it.
OH WELL. Morrigan set off to befriend Overlord.

Morrigan spent her money on you guessed it; cat supplies.
"It's going towards a good cause!"
I'm not arguing.

After that it was simply time to find Morrigan a suitable spouse. One she may or may not approve of.
What? It's true.
Finally she ran into Brendan O'Shea. I was going to try to avoid him for her but there were heartfarts. Who can say no to freckles true love?

"I really, really love cats. Do you want to move in with me?"

"I uh...."

"I'll take that as a yes. Pack your stuff up. Now."

"Damn, that's attractive, but no."
What the hell?
I'm so confused.

"Please? I spent all my money on cat supplies earlier."

"Come on. It'll be fun. I'll steal your money and you get me knocked up while I spend my life befriending cats."

While that madness was happening earlier on in the day another cat arrived!

Another poor unfortunate soul. Her name is Misty. I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Breandan moved in with a depressing sum of money so something resembling a house was almost build.

More cat bonding continued.

 Overlord was busy checking out the new house and the first thing he had to do was play in the toilet bowl.
Overlord: 'Muwahahahah'
He is truly frightening.

I sent Breandan to the gym so he could work on getting some extra athletic points for his job AND to max the skill. It was a win-win. Plus he-
"I love being athletic."
He loves being athletic.

After finally befriending Georgie, it was time for Morrigan to get ANOTHER cat.
"Yay! Hey writer, when am I going to get my castle?"
You aren't getting a damn-
Writer mutters under her breath.

This basically sums up everything right now.

After canceling out the action for Georgie to destroy the easel, I had Morrigan try to pick up painting while she waited for the new addition to the household.

Georgie came and bonding with him proceeded.

The other cats were slowly, but surely getting use to each other. Overlord was making sure that the others knew that the toilet bowl was his.

Finally the last cat added in this chapter arrived. Her name is Artemis.

Breandan got home and ate some cereal while the cats napped near the sink.

Damn this boy is handsome.

As handsome as Brendan was, they were still broke as shit. It was time to call over the other brother.
"He's got a name, you know."
Of course he does. I checked on Wiki.
He was pretty damn excited.

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