Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 5 - The Picture of Grace and Charm

Baelfire is so adorable. He's just giving everyone a thumbs-up while holding his car toy. 

So. Much. Skilling.

Poor Benjamin. Daddy Jasper is coming!

These two are the picture of grace and beauty. 


Grace and charm, everybody.
Grace and charm.

Poor Baelfire was crying. He's probably one of the most demanding of all the kids but the faces he pulls are so adorable....

Jasper and Jane got everything under control and celebrated that they were still alive with a bit of woohoo.
No more babies yet.

After that, Beatrix was learning how to talk grumpily.
She's already going through that teenage phase.

Potty training went a little better.

This chapter is quite short, but I can't say I'm too angry about it. I would have combined this and chapter 4 but...I guess I didn't? It's just toddler adorableness all around.

I decided Jane needed to leave the house for a bit and she went down to Copper is Not Brown.

She tried out Fire Pit Walking and of course, was a badass.

She cleaned up the sink and ended the day with potty training Baelfire.
Jasper loves this women so much.


  1. Hooray, all caught up! I agree with you 100% - all these tots are stinkin' adorable.

    1. Yay!! They are adorable, I love them so damn much. Thank you for reading!

  2. I think Baelfire is my favourite, for now. We'll see when they age up to children. But they all have so much personality already, good job!

    1. I adore him. He's got such a big personality already. Thank you! I appreciate it. =D


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