Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 1 - I Am Not a Productive Writer

There once was a time where I was suppose to be productive. I was rebooting my story, Edhen Dath when a new challenge from Boolprop came forward.
What happened, you wonder?
Well I fucking got off track and now we are here.
Meet Jasper and Jane. They are adorable and I love them. They are my couple/soon to be couple from Edhen Dath. I wanted to see their babies.
I regret nothing.

Jasper is Family Oriented, Lucky, Hopeless Romantic, Brave, and Ambitious.. He is also a hilarious werewolf.

Jane is Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Bookworm, Adventurous, and Brave. She is a witch.

Both her and Jasper have the lifetime wish to be Surrounded by Family.
Third interaction in and these two are already flirting with each other.
Why am I not surprised, they are adorable after all.

A small house was built in Isla Paradiso to get them started with the basic necessities.

Much builder. Much house.

More adorable Jasper and Jane.
"Writer, my eyes aren't blue."
Shit, right. I'll fix that..later.

Cue the adorableness!

These. Two. Won't. Stop. Flirting.

They took a break from flirting to go and have a water balloon fight.

I swear, these two sometimes.

Jane. Jane the Badass. *Music plays in the distance.*

Jasper-the-not-so-badass-currently. Oh Jasper.

Oh Jasper indeed. He loves his lady very, very much.

Did I mention these two are still friends?
Not anymore I guess.

Jasper and Jane stare at writer.

So much friendliness.

Is Jane smug?
Yes she is.

With that, both of them got the wish to go snorkeling.
Who am I to not allow them to?

Jane? Jane?? What's going on??
"It's a bug, writer."
AH. This is why I play in Isla Paradiso. All the time.
*Hasn't played in it for 2 years.*

The house got another upgrade after Jane and Jasper found some things from snorkeling.
T'is a beautiful box.




I tried to push Jasper to make some waffles. It seems I forget that in every single damn file he's ever been in, he burns the food.
He did not disappoint me.

Jasper then made his bestie's famous dish; el' gourmet cereal.

A quick change in Master Controller and Jasper was on his way.

He went to town hall to become a professional Scuba Diver. Why? Hell if I know. I just liked the idea and he went along with it. Oh and he also bought a resort.
Named it "Copper is not Brown."
It's great.
I don't have any pictures of it for this update.
Sweats nervously. 

Meanwhile Jane was being traumatized by watching dancing bunnies on the kids channel.

Oh it turns out i do have ONE picture of Copper is not Brown. It's Jasper judging this lady.

Oh and then Jasper decided to go Scuba Diving because this can't get any more random, can it?


Well apparently Jasper saw a shark and decided to stop Scuba Diving...

...then complained about it.

Meanwhile baby number one is on it's way.

Jane is also working on her writing skill too.

Of course she started cheering when she saw Jasper half-naked.
Oh Jane.

They decided to pillow-fight which ended as it always did; badly.
The game just seems to really, really start shit because of pillow fighting.
Luckily I got a mod that helps to make sure it doesn't destroy their relationship.

Of course after that they decided to be adorable together.

They both got the wish to read a pregnancy book and the game kept freezing.
Every. Damn. Moment.
Jasper was doomed to read that book on repeat before I ended up resetting the town entirely.

Jane decided to break the news to Jasper about her pregnancy.
"Jasper...I'm pregnant with the first baby out of twenty-four!"

"That's great!"

Jasper was excited.

He was REALLY excited.

He was so excited he wished to read another pregnancy book...after the last time he tried to it nearly broke my game.
Damn it.


    You're not allowed to break the game!
    Copper is not Brown (snickers).
    Pregnant Jane is so cute! I can't wait to see the babies!

    1. He. Keeps. Wanting. To. Read. A. Damn. Pregnancy. Book. Every. Day.
      Shit....I love the fact that has now turned into a funny joke. Maybe one day I'll explain what it means to the readers. XD
      IT'S CUTE.

  2. Jasper and Jane are so adorbs together. I really love Jane's face, she's so precious. Cannot wait to see what their babies look like!

    1. Jane is extremely and utterly adorable. Jasper does not deserve her and he is willing to admit. (SORRY JAZZY) He's awesome, but it's true. akdjaldkcjadlk Oh my goodness they are so adorable.

  3. Jasper.. I love that name. (Loved it so much I used it for my own 1st kid, and yes before Twilight. :P LOL) These sims are adorable!!

    1. It is an amazing name! Jasper and Jane are characters/soon to be characters in my serious story, Edhen Dath. They were just too adorable together to not have in this challenge. =)


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