Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Cinb Baby Count

 So I saw this in Livvielove's Baby Boom Challenge and thought it was a great idea! If anyone has not read her Baby Boom Challenge, you can find it here. It's for anyone who gets confused about the kids or wants extra information about them. It helps me to keep track of their Lifetime Wish and traits too.
The rules I'm following for this challenge are here.

*This contains spoilers*

Boys: 6/12
Girls: 7/12

Lifetime Wish -  Illustrious Author

Lifetime Wish - Culinary Librarian

Bonnie Cinb - Artistic, Good
Supernatural State - Werewolf

Barron Cinb - Insane, Excitable
Supernatural State - Werewolf

Bianca Cinb - Couch Potato, Grumpy
Supernatural State - Genie

Bellissa Cinb - Slob, Brave
Supernatural State - Werewolf

Text I'll be using for now on: Mistral (More for me to record than anyone else)
Text Size: 135

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