Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 10 - Killer Dishwasher and Fairy Wings

We start off this update with some toddler skilling!

After that, the teen's room was furnished. The bed's will be recolored as the kiddos turn into teens.

It seems Blaire takes after her father in the cooking area.
T'is okay dear.

Beatrix and Baelfire were just busy being werewolves.
Jasper's kids will live off of cereal, I swear.

Blaire is so helpful with the toddlers. I adore her for it.

A spam of little Bronx and Jasper!

I know I don't show many pictures of Jane with the kids, but she is 100% helping Jasper out with them. Jasper just does the majority of the skills since Jane already has a boost in friendships from having them at home.

The dishwasher broke and needed to be fixed.
Of course, it decided to try and kill everyone instead of being saved.
It had to go and be replaced.
No more killer dishwasher.

Yay for schedule! 

Beatrix asked for a bedtime story and went to the teen's room.
Jane of course told Beatrix the secrets of how to avoid killer dishwashers.
Ain't nothing hurting Jane's babies.

Benjamin and Blaire were bonding by whacking each other with pillows.
It surprisingly worked.

It was Jane's birthday and I was freaking out. She didn't nearly have enough for an age freeze potion so a quick stop the consignment shop made it obvious that the options were limited.
Not sure if it would work and stop her from aging up, I had Jane become a fairy.

It's temporary and she probably won't have any babies until she's back to normal, but it stopped her from aging up!

Jasper doesn't seem to mind the fairy wings at all. 
They were back to autonomously flirting the moment I turned my back. 

I know, I know.  I've said it too much, but these two just make my heart melt.

The toddlers seem to be almost done with their skills and I wanted to get some of Jane's wishes fulfilled.

Blaire, Benjamin, and Beatrix were working on their homework when Benjamin got a wish to set a trap with a stink potion.

Wish granted.

There were also wishes for a waterslide and to use it, so Beatrix got to first.

Look everyone! Jasper didn't burn the pancakes!
I'm not sure this has ever happened in my game.
He burns everything. 
"Yeah, yeah. I don't burn everything."
but you do.

Blaire was working on alchemy and I threw a picture in because who knows?
She's pretty.

Baelfire tried out the waterslide next and then proceeded to get a butt fire while inventing.
Oh Baelfire.

Blaire went to him to gush about the "new house" and he was just not in the mood.
Poor Blaire.

We end this update with an adorable picture of Briseis and Jane!
Bye guys!


  1. OMG, so many adorable kiddies! And all with such different personalities, well done.

    Haha, love the fairy elixir being used as a potion to delay aging. Wait...wasn't she a witch already? Is she still, or did the fairy override it?

    1. Thank you so much!
      She was a witch before, but the fairy overrides it. =)


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