Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 9 - Pure Madness

So since I'm writing this in my phone, it might look a little weird. Welcome back to the Cinb Baby Boom Challenge! It's been a while, but just know everyone is running around on fire like normal. Oh and we moved because Isla Paradiso is...Isla Paradiso. Here's a few pictures of the new house.

It's not quite done yet and still needs some rooms furnished along with landscaping, but the Cinb family isn't homeless. Here's some pictures that show some rooms better. Why did I take them? Dunno.

Kid's bathrooms

Jasper and Jane's room

The Kid's room (plus the bathrooms again)

The kitchen, dining room, and living room

Jasper and Jane decided to autonomously both get excited about the new tree house at the same time....

...and then of course flirt

Jane began writing a new book as a writing area waps set up for her complete with a new bookshelf.
I think they got that later.

Baelfire wished to win a game of hopscotch against someone.
The wish, of course, was granted.

Jane started practicing her magic because I would really like her to max it by the end of this challenge.

Little Blaire began working on her Lifetime Wish, Alchemy Artisan.

Jane had to stop practicing her magic because a mysterious baby bump appeared.

Beatrix wanted to turn into a werewolf and traumatized her sister while wishing to be the Leader of the Pack.
The wish was granted.

Poor Blaire.
She's done questioning the weird shit in her family.

Jane informed Jasper of the mysterious baby bump that he had no idea would happen.

All the kids are on some form of a schedule!
It's a miracle.

Jane woke up after plenty of rest and made cinnamon rolls because unlike Jasper, she does not tend to burn the food.

Baelfire's first invention in the house that needed to have a picture taken of because..
I love that kid.

During this time, little Briseis and Bronx aged up to adorable toddlers.

I promise Bronx is a werewolf even though his eyes glitched out here.

The Cinb's gem collection that has been randomly thrown in as noteworthy!
Sorry this update is so boring. I'm just getting use to Aurora Skies and honestly, it's been a while since I played in this file.

Look at this adorable toddler! Gosh, she's so cute and I can't get over her adorableness.


Her brother is so adorable and gosh, I'm being overwhelmed by these toddlers being so cute.

That little pout. Gah my heart.

A child randomly wandered into the Cinb house.
Do I know where he came from?
Does ANYONE know where he came from?
Also no.

Beatrix tried to make a potion and failed. Miserably.

...and the Cinbs have gained another stalker! I think Jasper and Jane were sleeping or she would have not dared to come near their house with a ten foot pole.

Beatrix picked up fishing instead of logic.
I'm okay with this.

Benjamin also tried to make a potion.
Poor Benjamin.

Cute toddler face! By the way she is not learning how to talk. She is learning charisma. I micromanage the toddlers just in case they start learning how to talk.

It's baby time!

Blake Cinb was born Neurotic and Brave. ...

...and then Bridget Cinb was born a Heavy Sleeper and Athletic. I'm going to have to look into my mods because having four sets of twins that are each a boy and a girl is just too weird. I'm not sure what the hell is happening. I'm making sure Jane is not eating any apples or watermelons. I have the same mods as Livvielove who is not having this issue. 
Maybe it's a bug. 
I'll look into it and if the next pregnancy is the same, I'll have to figure something out. 

The kids were arriving home and working on their homework. Except Baelfire.
I'm not sure what Baelfire was doing.
Probably inventing.

Little, adorable Bronx was learning how to walk.

Then the full moon decided to show up and everything went to shit.

Blaire got a wish to talk to Jane in the middle of the chaos.
This child has gotten too use to it.
I swear.

Why Baelfire.
Why do the werewolves have to be so creepy?

Oh and this happened.
Bronx is so done with this shit I guess.

Apparently it's also Blaire and Benjamin's birthdays.
I'm so done with this madness.
So done.
I got no images of Benjamin aging up, but it's the thought that counts, right? 


Also, just a note; I got the ideas to put their traits, favorite color in a font, and Lifetime Wish from Livvielove. This was not my idea whatsoever. She gets 100% of the credit.

I hope you guys enjoyed this crazy update!
See you later!


  1. Hehee what a great update!
    Then the full moon decided to show up and everything went to shit.
    ^ that line in particular hit home with me a LOT.
    This family is adorable, and all the genes are so cute! Your first twins have hit teendom! What next: Chaos. Chaos I tell you.
    Good luck, and congrats on all the boys and girls!

    1. Thank you! Oh these werewolves. I really love the dynamic of them, but's a pain in the ass.
      I'm so excited!
      Thank you! I'm not sure what's causing the ratio to be this way, but I guess it's working out in my favor so far.

  2. Well done with all the mixed twins, I'm so jealous! Agree about all the adorable kiddies, and now the teens, so gorgeous. Jane and Jasper make purdy babies.

    Haha, all the chaos with the werewolves at the full moon. Have fun with that, I'll stick with my fairies their dancing :P

    1. Gah, I'm not sure what's causing the mixed twins. They are so gorgeous! I can't wait to see what the other kids turn out like.
      Ah, the fairy dance parties on Saturday Mornings. XD


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