Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 12 - Another Stalker Bites the Dust

Random pretty townie!

Seeing the random townie, a makeover and a save to the bin was in order.

Blaire was off to the consignment shop to get alchemy potions and just be adorable in general.

Jane and Jasper were enjoying their date.

Then this man was attracted to Jane and tried to flirt with her so Jasper and Jane heckled him.
He's on the list, folks.
Just too many sims in the household right now to deal with all of those on Jasper's list.

These two were back to being adorable and enjoying their date in no time. 

After that, Jane had to scold Baelfire for pranking the school three times. (He only succeeded once.)
I understand the interaction, but I'm not a big fan of no choice in it.
It destroyed their relationship a bit before they got wishes to fix it.

Bronx just keeps on skilling! In this update, he'll be aging up.

Baelfire is starting to learn handiness for his Lifetime Wish.

Shit though.
Going to have to get rid of them again.
They were fun once for me, but after all the bugs....not so much.

Beatrix planted some of the plants Blaire would be needing for alchemy.

Little Bridget was enjoying being a witch.

He was unimpressed at first before humoring his old man.
Jasper being old.
That's such an odd concept for me.

Jane went into labor which left Jasper freaking out until he was told to go teach Bridget to walk. 

Jasper told, Jasper do.

Meanwhile our first and hopefully one single birth happened.

Baratheon Cinb was born, an Athletic Couch Potato.  He is going to be one of my Bad Apples. I won't be able to control him at all. (Eye-twitch)

Necessary stalker update.
She's still here, guys.
She's still here.
I know you were all worried.

Blaire got a wish to become Best Friends with Benjamin which of course, was granted.

Hugs for days!
*Insert Benjamin sass here*
I'm tired, guys.
Can't do dialogue.

More of daddy Jasper and him being adorable.

I leave Beatrix on freewill and what does she do?
She's a good child.

Bronx and Briseis aged up!

Oh and then the full moon happened, the majority of the household turned, and Briseis fainted.

Jasper spent thee full moon teaching Bridget how to talk.

Blaire got a wish to try and make a potion so, why not?
The Cinb's have no remains left of a schedule anyways.

Blaire wished to pull a prank and thus, this picture was born.

Oh and she turned her mom into a Genie in her free time too.

The game tried to make Jane a PUDDING SIM who blinked in Master Controller. I had to fix the glitch and cross my fingers that it worked.

It did and no more cooking for a while!

Jane was off to teach Blake how to talk and just be adorable Jane in general.

Random, but here is just some of Baelfire's inventions minus the two field trip souvenirs.
I thought it was all pretty neat.

Jane and Baelfire got a wish to talk to each other so it was off to watch TV.
It worked beautifully.
Thank you so much for the idea from the Messorems, Livvielove.
You saved my household. XD

Blaire and Jasper chatted too while Blaire was holding Bad Apple Baratheon.

Of course then Benjamin went to talk to Jasper too.
Seeing Jasper's clone talk to him is a bit odd.
Benjamin: "Hey!"
You are his clone.

Potty training time for the toddlers!

Which Blake refused to do. Several times.

Jasper then took a break from trying to potty train Blake and instead, teaches him how to walk.

After a bit, there was finally victory!
He was potty trained in no time.

Benjamin started arguing with Blaire for no reason and then after they were angry at each other, got the Lifetime Wish to be Super Popular.
(Stares at Benjamin) 
I locked it in was a strange turn of events.
What my sims do on Freewill is sometimes quite odd.

Genie Jane floats to the toilet to barf.
I wonder why.... >.>

Benjamin was back to wishing to prank after finally getting a Lifetime Wish.
(Shakes-fist angrily at him)

Adorable Jane hugs! Adorable Jane hugs for everyone.

Seems there had been a reason for Jane barfing after all...

Remember this guy from Jane and Jasper's date?
Jasper went outside, stared at him, and found him on freewill before I did.
After that, he put his son down and growled at him.
The growl was the one and only interaction I clicked.
Just, you know, Jasper found him so I thought he would scare him shitless.

The guy was a coward and ended up fainting. 

Jane walked out the door, canceled the interaction she was doing, and went to woohoo with Jasper.

They were just there, making out in front of the guy Jasper made faint for making her uncomfortable.
This all happened without my control.
Had to stop playing because I couldn't stop laughing.

Hope you enjoyed this update because I was laughing my ass off.
See you for the next one!


  1. Oh Benjamin, you are *so* random. Though Super Popular LTW is pretty easy if you give him a guitar and get him to play for crowds.

    Ugh, I hate that glitch with the genie elixir, happened to me as well. Good thing we are well ahead of the stupid game glitches!

    1. Lmao yeah. He is a very random sim. Ah, I didn't see this before! Gosh goodness self.
      Gah, you too? Noooooo.

  2. Hahaha I love when kids get super random like that!
    Jasper! My goodness! Way to defend your lady! You SCARE that stalker shitless and then smear it in his face what a good hubby you are!
    I love this family! I can't wait to see the newest little one. Also good luck with your first bad apple!

    1. Thank you! I love Jasper. He's just...oh gosh Jasper is such a mess at times and I love him for it.


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