Saturday, January 20, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty Score Count

 Rules I'm following: The Short Dynasty Rules

Some Other Rules:

Heir: First girl born with rainbow-colored skin
One point for portraits of founder and heiresses. 
All fathers of the heiresses can earn points. (Checked within rules.) 

Generation 1 - Meira Alive

Father of Heiress: Mason Sackholme

+1 for child
+1 for maxing gardening
+1 for maxing athletic
+1 for maxing logic
+1 for child
+1 for lifetime wish
+1 for maxing logic
+1 for maxing alchemy
+1 for maxing career
+1 for maxing handiness
+1 for maxing painting
+1 for child

+1 for portrait

Generation Total: 13

Vacation Days Used: 3

Properties Bought:

Mason's Temporary Hospital, Garda Police and Military, Liked Mind Individuals Inc, the Local Grocer, Freedom Books, Heart and History Art Gallery (All level 3)

Property Score: 12

Total Points: 25 (As of Generation 1)

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