Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 11 - Four Hectic Birthdays

This update begins with Bronx being adorable! He's learning charisma logic here, folks. 
No learning how to talk in the playpen. 
Absolutely not.

Jane potty trained Bronx.
Ah, toddlers.
That sounds like hell to do. 
As much as I love this challenge, parenting is not for me. 
Though I respect those who it is for. 
Go on having those tiny humans!

Bonus: Briseis was also being potty trained here by Jasper even though you can't see it.

Who did this? No one hates Jane??
Jasper: "I got it."

Look at all these cuties.
Jasper looking at Jane.
Briseis and her daddy.
Bronx and his momma.

More cute Jane! Now with Bridget.

Gah it's just all so cute!

.....and I think I took this picture because they got a new stalker...?
I'm not sure.

Poor Benjamin.
The waterslide just isn't his friend right now it seems.
Blaire: "That's ridiculous! Why wouldn't it be Benjamin's friend?"
When did this become a thing?
I thought these updates were suppose to be boring?
When did dialogue become a thing?
Maybe it's because it's 1 AM.

I just like to take pictures of Blaire randomly doing alchemy.
She's just gorgeous.
No shame.

Everything seems to hate Benjamin today.
Everything Hates Benjamin: Part 1.

Cute toddler hugs! Awwwwww!

Just Jane being a pretty fairy and practicing magic.

Both Jane and Jasper finally got enough points for an Age Freeze potion and took it at the same time.
No more worrying about aging!

Beatrix was just quietly playing with one of the toys in the kids's room while her parents became immortal.

Jane went to the alchemy shop and decided to take Bridget with her I suppose?

Oh and then she went back and became a werewolf.
She no longer needs to stay a fairy to prevent her from aging up so I guess it's werewolf now?

The normal stuff.
Only in the Cinbs household.

This was before I wanted to do the challenge "Supernatural Menagerie" and she should've stayed a damn fairy, but t'is life.

Jasper approves of his wife no matter if she's a fairy or werewolf.
Why is she a werewolf?
I don't know.  

Meanwhile Blaire and Benjamin were bonding.

I think this was suppose to be a high-five, but didn't quite make it.
So it's bumping elbows instead.

They had a rough start in their friendship as children, but as teenagers they seem to be able to bond more.

Oh and then we had four birthdays that did not cause anything to go to shit at all.
Not at all.
Blake went first.

Then Bridget.

Baelfire and Beatrix aged up after them.

He wishes for the Renaissance Sim lifetime wish later in this chapter, but I thought to add it anyways in the picture.

Time to really focus on Beatrix's lifetime wish! Baelfire's will be easy, so I'm not too worried about his.

Of course the stalker is back. 
She sees all. 
We need a fence or I need to actually allow Jasper to do something about her. 
There's just too many toddlers right now to focus on anything else.
Even stalkers.

Benjamin doesn't have a Lifetime Wish yet so that means he basically just wishes to snuggle the toddlers.
All. The. Time.

Why did I take a picture of him being cranky?
I don't know.
He's nearly a Jasper clone though.

Meanwhile Blaire got abducted.

Jasper's got a list of people that once I allow him to step away from the toddlers for a moment, he's going after.
This alien has now joined the list.

Here's just an adorable picture of Bronx and Beatrix. They look so similar yet not. Both have Jane's hair color though.

Cute Baelfire is just cute Baelfire.
Gah I love all these children.
So damn much.


Benjamin is just Benjamin.

Benjamin who needs to wish for a Lifetime Wish already and stop pranking. 
"What, writer? I did and you denied it, writer."
I didn't want him and Baelfire to have the same Lifetime Wish. Felt too easy. 

"Have you met our mistress and all powerful werewolf, Bethany, stalker?"

The stalker kids are back.
Jane is very happy about this.
They come in during the night and eat all the food.

Beatrix and Baelfire both got a wish to become bestfriends with each other.

I'm not sure how Beatrix got vampire teeth, but she did.
"Don't question it, writer."

Apparently Baelfire thought it was the best thing ever.

Even if he can't high-five her to save her life.
"Well if we are logically speaking..."
"Fine, fine."

Jane found out she was pregnant again.

Meanwhile Baelfire and Beatrix became BFF's.
"BFF'S? Like Best Friends Forever?" 
"Will I think that's what it means, Beatrix, so yes." 

Blaire and Baelfire were skilling and working on their Lifetime wishes while I tried to make Benjamin WISH FOR ONE I COULD DO.

"Not happening, writer."

Meanwhile Beatrix was busy playing darts.

Jane won her case! I sent her out of the house because there was no way in hell somebody was going to get away with accusing her like that.

Meanwhile she told Baelfire that she was pregnant.
He seemed awfully surprised.
"Shhh, writer."

Oh and he got a buttfire.
Casually of course.

Meanwhile Blaire was just not having a good day and went to take a shower when alchemy went wrong.
She ended up getting pranked.
Her hair color matches her eyes though.
"That doesn't help, writer!"
Yeah, yeah.

Beatrix got a wish to garden...after only having one point in it.
Stares at Beatrix.
What a weird child sometimes.

Jasper was also learning Jane was pregnant and being all adorable about it like usual.

Oh and Baelfire got arrested as a wolf for pranking the school when Jasper and Jane were on a date.
So that happened.

See you guys for the next update!
Hoped you enjoyed!


  1. Hahahaha! Bael, poor Bael! Buttfires, arrests... he's definitely taking a special place in my heart!
    I love all the kids so much! Did you happen to get a Fae babe while Jane was a fairy?
    <3 I love the Cinbs; can always use more of them in my life!

    1. Oh I love Baelfire. He's one of a kind.
      I did not sadly. :(
      Awww, thank you! They are one hell of a family!

  2. LOL, I love all the antics in your house, so much crazy! I love that the twins are all BFFs with one another, makes so much sense.

    Good luck with the Leader of the Pack LTW - I'm about to start it in game, myself.

    1. Thank you! All the twins are so wonderful. They usually just role a lot of wishes for another.
      Ah, it's a challenging one! Though we both can do it. =D


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