Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 13 - Feast Party and Pranks

Jane maxed writing guys! Even though she's only at level 5 of her career, this is still a huge achievement!

The TV is working like a charm to satisfy everyone's wishes of talking to each other. It saves me time and I can knock out two birds with one stone at once.

I'm going to be honest here but I really hate the scolding interaction in the game and the fact it gives you no option. I don't ever see Jasper screaming at his kids in reasonable situations. Baelfire was just caught pranking and that resorted to a huge relationship drop.
His response?
He stomped passed him and went to set another prank in the bathroom. 
Oh boy.

Luckily Blaire who I have never seen interact with him, just rushed into the bathroom to comfort him about the fact he was upset and stopped him from doing the prank.

Then she continued to comfort him and ask him about his day. I was sitting there, stunned, that my sims had done this all on their own.
Going to fix things with Jasper and Baelfire though because I firmly believe it was an unfair part on the game and not Jasper himself.
Doesn't help the fact Baelfire is having a mood swing either.

While all this drama was going down, today was Spooky Day and Benjamin wished to throw a Feast Party.
That, of course, was granted.

Jasper apologized and let Baelfire off the hook while they had a conversation.
It was cute and a lot more fitting.

Blaire then went to seek out Jasper and have a conversation too.

Jane went to take a nap during the Feast Party.
Poor Jane.

After the Feast Party, all the kids went trick or treating.
Here's just a cute picture of Beatrix.
I thought she looked pretty in it.

The stalker made a way to be in the update too.
She's still on Jasper's list.
One of these days....

Pretty picture of Blaire is pretty.

Baratheon the bad apple aged up! The older he gets, the more difficult it is going to not check what he is doing.
 It's going to be aggravating.

"Look mister, I dressed up in this costume to ring random stranger's doorbells in the hopes they would give me candy. Don't give me that look. Just hand over the candy."
Oh Briseis.
She's already got one hell of a personality.

Bronx got candy, but with less threats.

Baratheon decided to wake the whole household up with screaming and scratch the furniture.

A hug from Briseis and a reevaluating which rooms he should be allowed in took place.

Jasper quit his job and then went off to give Baratheon some snuggles.
There just isn't much opportunity for diving in Aurora Skies.

After a quick nap, he went to teach Baratheon how to walk.

Beatrix got invited to a classmate's house after school, but the only person that was there was a creepy old man that kept trying to tell her secrets.
She left.
She ain't about that life.

After being taught to walk, Baratheon was also potty trained.
Apparently one of the all-in-one bathrooms broke.

It was also the youngest twins's birthdays!

Bridget wished for the Vocal Legend Lifetime Wish shortly after she aged up.
Never done it before so it should be fun.

Blake did not wish for a Lifetime Wish.
Oh and I accidentally gave him Bronx's hair.

After that was all said and done, Jane went into labor!

Fingers cross there is a genie baby!

The first baby to be born was Bonnie Cinb who's traits are Artistic and Good.
She is a werewolf.

The second baby to be born was Barron Cinb who is Insane and Excitable.
He is also a werewolf.
It also seems we are back to the girl-boy twin births.
Oh well.
See you guys in the next update!
Fingers crossed for a genie baby soon!


  1. There is an amazing mod on MTS, by icarusallsorts, which allows scolding to be optional. It's one of the most important mods in my game now - you should try it out!

    So many werewolves, you'll get that Leader of the Pack LTW done in no time! But hopefully we can see a genie baby soonish.

    The kids are all so adorable, I love how they all look similar, but few are clones (I think?)

    1. Oh my gosh! thank you so much!
      Hahahaha, that Lifetime Wish. Yeah... >.> <.<
      Yep! Benjamin is a clone of Jasper actually.

  2. Yes! Somebodysangel beat me to it, I was going to say someone pointed out a mod for me on scolding. Also you lucky skunk! Those boy girl twins are great! I had such luck with them and then I lost it somehow... it's a long way to fall. Just enjoy it while you have it!
    Baratheon is off to a good start. The kids are all adorable! Jane and Jasper have great genetics!

    Maybe we'll be lucky to see a Genie babe soon! Fingers crossed!

    1. Noooo. I hope you get your luck back!Baratheon is...madness. He's pure madness. He's not that bad though. He just destroys everything sometimes and then goes back to somewhat sticking to the schedule. Heeee. They do! Thank you for creating Jane. <3

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