Friday, February 9, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 13 - It Was a Cute Turtle

Nigel had twins with another woman, Corinne Murphy. She is his first baby mama's sister.
Oh boy...
I did age them up to see them in Master Controller because I was curious. Not sure if this will become a thing I do with all the spare's children or if I'm just doing it with Nigel, we'll see.
Didn't write down their traits.
This is Darin who is a cutie.

Noemi has very unique features and may get a makeover in the future when she is a young adult in my game.
Not sure quite yet.

Sena just looked pretty so I decided to take this picture.

It seems these two fixed their relationship?
They are back to autonomously flirting.

It was Adonis's birthday!
Zander will be coming back from art school fairly soon.
That was a long time, wasn't it?

Adonis is now an angsty teen who gained the Flirty trait.

He also finished his Lifetime Wish he had "Swimming in Cash." Not sure if I mentioned it in a previous update or not. Sena and Koios also have the Lifetime Wish "Renaissance Sim." It's easy and they both wished for it so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

The cute chipmunk died and it made Octavia sad. She went to mourn it.

 Zander is back! He gained the Virtuoso trait and will not be going back go private school.
He shall be gardening.
"Must garden..."
Yep, he'll fit in fine.
Those plants will be your bestfriend before you move out, damn it.

"So if we move this chess piece here..."
"Do we even know how to play chess, Sena?"
"All I know is that the bar is filling above my head when I look at the chess board."
She's becoming self-aware...

The repoman paid a visit when I have been paying the bills, but I guess I forgot again. 
I need to rename this challenge "The Repoman Dynasty."
It would fit perfectly.
Excuse my English I will claim is French, but is not so, this repoman was different.
I suppose repowoman is the correct term.
She want your kind repowoman who just took your stuff and left with a wave. 
She made this personal.

She took our cute turtle and this no longer became reposessing, this was personal.

Look at her smug face.

I did what any good sims player would've.
I booted up Master Controller and killed her.
That turtle was cute, damn it.

Adonis' s face describes how I felt at the time about it.

Sena was proclaiming she was queen of the house and I was still bitter so my micromanaging skills failed me during this time of grief.
Don't worry though, she got back to skilling.

Well, at least Jax and Fiona were being cute.
Something good was happening.

"Oh look, I'm sparkling. I'm clearly that amazing."
What the hell game.
Before Fiona?


"No, please! I haven't been properly rejected by my boys to not be taught how to drive! You got to let me have that moment!"
Grim Reaper: "........."

Grin Reaper: "Yeah, no. We need your good looks in the afterlife."
"Very well. I am gorgeous."
What the hell...

Grim then helped himself to the food around the house.
Sena was not amused.

Jax is in the family graveyard now. R.I.P Jax.

We finish this update off with two paparazzis beating each other up.
*Throws hands up in air*
I'm on hiatus now.
Well continue this madness soon(ish).

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