Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 15 - Why, Baelfire, Why

Get ready because it's going to be a longer chapter than usual. Anyways, Blaire was busy being adorable with Baratheon now that she is waiting to just have her portrait done so she can move out.

"The claw of doommmm!"

Luckily, it seems Baratheon got over his fear of the claw quickly as his older sister tickled him.

Bonnie aged up into a toddler!
Let the games begin.
Apparently, her twin didn't age up the same night and I have no idea why the hell he didn't.
Brain: You should probably work on fixing your game and while you're at it organize your CC-
Ssshhhh. Don't speak such nonsense.

Jasper is going to be learning how to paint so the portraits can be done for each child once they reach YA.

Jane is giving birth! 

She gives birth to a little girl named Bianca who's trait are Couch Potato and Grumpy. Bianca is also a genie!

The second little girl Jane gave birth to was named Bellissa. Her traits are Brave and Slob and she's a werewolf. This ends the boy-girl ratio regarding twins.
Let's hope it comes back.

"I have no idea what I'm doing, but apparently this is a giraffe."
A+ giraffe, Jasper.

Blaire has nothing to do and has decided to build a snowman army.

"Nah I'm just hiding from all the toddlers and babies."
I respect that.

Some teens came over after school and there are hearts for everyone.
It's okay everyone; Jasper's ready to chase this guy off.

"So I really like writing and all of that, but you ever think we are just, you know, the characters?"
You literally hear someone called 'writer' narrate your life.
"Oh shush, writer."

"So cooking is amazing. I love making food that tastes great and can keep my enemies from knowing-"
Wow, that's rude.
My cat just slammed her paw on my keyboard too.
She does not approve of this girl.

Prett picture of Briseis being pretty and trying to break the fourth-wall.

Jasper's list continues to grow. The paparazzi are now stalking Bridget at school while she's trying to do her homework.
This is unacceptable.

Look at these two skilling! Even Baratheon is skilling. I'm so proud of him.

"These two are so cute together-"
-I'm done with your shit.
Go away. You made a perfectly good Bronx sad.
Just look at him!

Poor Bronx. He's just retreated to the kitchen. Someone help me find someone better for poor Bronx.

Barron: *Finally ages up*
Good on you game for remembering finally.
Good on you.
Now we have three toddlers and two babies.
This is not stressful at all

Here's a picture of Jane cheering on Bonnie because we all need this in our lives.
It's adorable and Jasper loves her so much.

Speaking of Jasper, he has graduated from painting to giraffes to doing portraits.
"I still have no idea what I'm doing."

With that in mind, Benjamin moved out with farewell hugs from his mom and dad and his twin.

I forgot to take a picture of Jasper hugging him.
I promise though, it was cute.

"If Benjamin and Blaire are moving out does that make me the oldest? The wisest? Do I have to start setting a good example now?"

Five minutes later.....
Fukashima, Baelfire.
We already established this.
The last update is literally named after it.

"I'm done. Beatrix can be the good example. I'm just going to go get detention again for sleeping during class."
I can feel Jane's disapproval and Jasper's too.
Part of me wants to disprove too, but there's something sacred about naps.
I'm torn.

Oh while Baelfire was being a bad example for all, he built a time machine. You know, something you just choose to do casually.
Hopefully a lady from The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge will straighten him out.
Edit: Turns out Baelfire is an asshole there. You do what you got to do, Livvielove.

Oh Baelfire also maxed the inventing skill and ended up completing his lifetime wish!


As a reward, Baelfire jumped into his time machine and went to the past.

"Do you ever question what Baelfire does?"
"I dunno. Does anyone ever question what you do?"
Shit, I love this child's sass.
I did not see that coming, Blake.

Blaire's portrait was done and her place in the museum was finished.

She used one of her potions and then set forth to buy her own house.

She would have received hugs from everyone, but she was at a party Benjamin was throwing when she moved out.

While Blaire was moving out, Beatrix was asked out on a date!

His name is Loki and while not much was done on the  date, it was still pretty cute.

He also responded back to her her flirts too.
Jasper: "I get a bad feeling about him."
Nah, he's cute. I bet he's fine.
Becomes paranoid.

Briseis worked on maxing the writing skill and became more aware by the second.
"So if I can easily kill off my characters in this book....does that mean you can too?"
Hahaha, no. Mine have started talking to me.
"Writer, I think that might be insanity."
Nah. I'm fine.
Puts on tinfoil hat.

Baratheon aged up! He gained the genius trait.
His athletic trait had to be changed because it conflicted with couch potato.

Not bad if I do say myself. Also, I was trying to do an apple to be artsy, but it turns out I can't really draw apples in Gimp. So we got lightning instead. He also gained the Genius trait...via randomizer. Huh.

It is also Baelfire and Beatrix's birthday!
This update is crazy.

He gained the Supernatural Fan trait.
He also gained the asshole trait apparently too.

"Huh, writer? What do you mean?"
Narrows eyes at him. 
We all know what you did in Livvielove's game, Baelfire.
We know. 

Beatrix aged up shortly after him.

She gained the Eco-Friendly trait.

Even though Beatrix's Lifetime Wish won't count for points, I'm still going to try and have her finish it unless I get overwhelmed. Baelfire will be staying in the household for the mean time too.
Even if he now is an asshole.

"Baelfire, is it true you're an asshole in another game?"
"What? I don't know!"

Jasper and Jane don't believe him either, trust me.
Speaking of those two, Jasper is teaching Barron to talk while Jane changed her lifetime wish to Professional Author. 

She immediately completed it.
This is why she's Jane the Badass, folks.

Jane then joined in training the toddlers.
Toddler spam!

A whole three pictures. Still counts as a spam though, right?

Beatrix was making progress on her lifetime wish. One person turned, four more to go.

Briseis and Jane painted for their lifetime wishes. If they both max it, it will help out greatly when portrait time comes around.

I could have sworn that Beatrix just went on a date with this guy?
I don't think Blaire knows so I'm just gonna assume this guy is the asshole in this situation.
Jasper was right.

Oh and it's Blake and Bridget's birthdays!
We had roughly...five birthdays this update?
She gained the cat person trait.
I'm also pretty sure Blake is older so shouldn't he have aged up first?

Blake gained the sassy sailor trait. 

With that, this update comes to a close. See you guys next time!


  1. dglkaj;lsdkjgf
    Beatrix is adorable, and shame on Loki for being an asshole! I also love how much Blaire resembles Jane... I just love seeing the genetics, but Blake! My gods! Blake is ADORABLE! Bridget is too but like BLAKE though! Also I don't know about anyone else here but I would argue if you complete the LTW for the kids it should count no matter when it's completed. It's not the same amount of points as the parent LTWs are, and honestly it's more work keeping kids around TO complete it. That's my argument and I'm sticking to it! Good luck to you keeping Baelfire around, and honestly I think it's just my SP making him an asshole; it's the same SP that hasn't let me have any sweet Kefoli moments at ALL either so it's really the dick in this case I think.
    I think.
    Lol, I love your updates as always! Keep up the good work with the kids!

    1. Thank you! I really adore all the kids. They are all unique, but...gah. Some of them are just so adorable. (They all are, but, you know.) Hmm, I might apply that rule myself when/if I give this challenge a try again. Hahaha, Baelfire didn't get the chance to do much in my game so it might not be SP. I hope SP gives you cute Kefoli moments soon. Thank you!

  2. LOL, sassy trait. You go Blake, you're gorgeous.
    That werewolf LTW might be easier if kids could hunt too - they transform, why can they not hunt? Depending on how long your teen stage is, would be almost impossible to complete just in that stage - damn school for taking up valuable hunting time!

    1. I love Blake so much. He's such a tame little Jasper-Jane child. He just wants t be left alone. XD
      Oh my goodness yes. I needed the kids out of the house for sanity, but damn it, it would have been nice to complete the LTW in the teen stage.


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