Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Cinb Baby Boom Challenge - Chapter 14 - Fukashima

So Baratheon wouldn't come inside the house so Jasper taught him how to talk outside.
I swear this child...

 Blaire is speedily working to complete her LTW before she ages up. YOU CAN DO IT, BLAIRE.
"Thanks, writer."

Bronyx cried over the new tablet.
"W-why do we have to skill?"
We got a point system now!
It'll be fun!
" name is Bronx."
Ah shit.
I've been spelling it wrong

Damn it, not the puppy eyes.
Ah gosh.
Wishes to be a Culinary Librarian. 
Of course you little adorable Jane-Jasper child.

Gah this kid is really growing on me even more.

Briseis just randomly cleans?
Likely her neat trait, but it's still amazing.

What did this poor family do to this horseshoe court?

Bridget got a wish to fish so she shall fish indeed.
Pretty sure I'm going to try and have her max the fishing skill, but we shall see.

Beatrix is working on her Lifetime Wish. Not sure if she'll be able to complete it in time, but an attempt is being made.

Meanwhile I'm trying to have Benjamin max logic as the chance of him completing his Lifetime Wish to the point I can count it is slim, and what does he do? 
That boy sneaks off to do homework.
Let us all stare at Benjamin. 

Meanwhile Baelfire created this:
Will it be used? I'm not sure.
Does it look interesting? Hell yeah it does.

Blake and Bridget randomly decided to start pillow-fighting.

I was worried about the arguing because of it like the majority of sims do, but it turned out well. Plus, it was super cute and raised their relationship. Woo!

I took this picture because Blaire is just Blaire and she's pretty.


No, Blaire, nooo!

Jasper: (Eye-twitches)
The only thing that would surprise me is if Jasper doesn't end up killing these aliens before the end of the challenge.
I got to write down that I 100% support him in this decision somewhere.

Speaking of Jasper, he is an adorable father.
He's really good with bad apple Baratheon and just the kids in general.

Jasper also does not like being asked on dates.
He's loyal to the T and the idea of being with anyone but Jane is just too strange of a concept that's not even considered for a minute.
Just a bit of gushing I had to do about Jasper.

I finally got around to doing the landscaping, guys.
I'm pretty proud of myself because I'm the queen of procrastination and that actually got done before the challenge ended.
It was snowing so I got a picture of the house in build mode using the terrain tool. 

There were WAY too many people outside of the house, trying to peek through the windows. It was aggravating and so a gate was needed.

Beatrix found some pretty cute little critters that were worth some money.
Where did they go of course?
They went on the majestic shelf.

"Ah fu-" 
Baelfire didn't get to finish his sentence because he ran to the shower, screaming.
I imagine he was going to say something such as fudge, fumble, full, or fun. 
"I was actually trying to say fukashima." 
(Thank you Blams and Livvielove. Love you guys.) 

"Blaire what are you doing-"
"-completing my lifetime wish. Benjamin, you'll be fine. I promise."

Jane's pregnant again!
Bet you never saw that coming. 
Not with the challenge title or anything. 

Blaire completed her Lifetime Wish guys!
She's awesome and she knows it. 

Here in the wild habitat called highschool, we see the A student called Baelfire sleeping during class and sassing teachers. Baelfire earns what they refer to as a detention, something every teenager dreads. How will this play out for this creature?
We'll find out on the next episode of Dangerous Creatures: Teenagers.
I'm in a weird mood today guys.
It could be the large coffee I drank or the time change.
We shall see. 

I have no idea why I took this picture of Baratheon.
I think he accidentally leveled up in Charisma.
I dunno.
That's my best guess.

It's Briseis's birthday! Technically speaking, Bronx should age up before her as he is the oldest of the twins, but you do you, game. 

She gained the...Irresistible trait. 
Jasper: Screaming somewhere. 

She's just so gorgeous. 
Not surprised because she's a Jasper-Jane baby BUT I SWEAR THESE TWO CAN'T HAVE UGLY CHILDREN.

I took this picture because I just like it. Jane looks like she's going to be doing something badass and Jasper is just....Jasper.
He's got his own badass moments.

My save is starting to get buggy!
Come on, computer!
You can do it!
Computer: Wheezes

I swear these aliens come every night to kidnap at least one child.
I need to just have them killed already.
We'll have to throw a party and have them die during it.

It is not only Briesis's birthday and Bronx's (who won't age up because game is being a dumbass), but also Benjamin's and Blaire's!

Woo! Look at all that excitement! They will be moving out within the next update.

Benjamin gained the Perfectionist trait.
He also gained a beard.

 Blaire gained the Disciplined trait.

Here we have Beatrix digging through the trash. I don't know why.....

 After some messing around with my settings and forcing Bronx to age up, he aged up!

He will be focusing on completing his Lifetime Wish. I'm not sure if  he's going to get a part-time job.
That's all I have for this update! 
See you guys later!


  1. These kids are so gorgeous! I want them alllll!
    Lol... Fu... Fukashima XD
    Poor Bronx... it's a hard life when you're one of >24... Spelling is hard... and remembering names is harder. XD Briseis is gorgeous! <3 I'm so excited to see the new baby! These genes are irresistible indeed!
    Poor Jasper... he'll have a heart-attack by the end of this.

    1. Yessss. I should put them up for download. Maybe...
      It is! I really love him, but I seem to choose odd names. XD
      Jasper's gonna die.

  2. Wow, you're right about all the gorgeous babies. I especially love Briseis, Irresistible is perfect for her.

    Well done on getting out that Alchemy LTW as a teen, it always takes me ages to do that one.

    1. I love Jasper and Jane's genetics. They had really cute kids. Thank you! Blaire was chained to the alchemist station during every waking hour she could be. I was proud of finishing the LTW though. =D


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