Saturday, April 7, 2018

New Home Base and End of The Cinb's Baby Boom Challenge

I'm just going to dive into what this post is about and make this as smooth as possible. I'm moving my stories from Mpart's Malapropisms to Admiring The Ashes. It's just a switch I got to make and the blog is going to be a lot more finished than Mpart's Malapropisms.
It's under construction right now and a bit bare, but don't worry!
It will be my home base for now on.
There is also one challenge I'm not moving there; The Cinb's Baby Boom Challenge.

I ended Edhen Dath and I took a look at all my stories and challenges. I just evaluated where I wanted to go from there and how much I really didn't plan for. I looked at my post about things I wanted to do this year and just got a wake up call about a lot of things.

I've decided to end my Baby Boom Challenge due to a variety of reasons. The file is getting laggy and the game is just getting difficult to start. I started the challenge before the rules to the Baby Boom Challenge added a scoring guide. If I approach this challenge again, I want to approach it differently in the beginning. Also...Jane is not my sim and she's not my character. She's Livvielove's. I've never directly spoken to Livvielove about what would happen if our collaboration ended and what would happen with Jane. The Baby Boom Challenge is not directly tied to it, but it's tied enough to it that I don't wish to put Livvielove in an awkward position. Speaking of which, I'm likely putting her in an awkward position now, so go check out her stories here! They are really great.

So some of you are probably wondering what this means about Jasper. That's a really, really great question I've been asking myself lately.
My goal is he does get his own story and does get what he deserves.
He's the one character that has fought and lost the most.
I'm not going to let him be scrapped and fade into nothing.
I'm not sure when it will be written; if it will be written.
It's just my goal and though keeping characters from stories scrapped has ended very, very badly in the past for me, this is the situation where I'm just not going to budge.
He'll have to change pretty significantly, but I'm going to hope for a miracle.
This likely was suppose to go in Edhen Dath's ending note's written out now so here it is.

With that all being said, I considered scrapping Exiled to Lunar Lakes and Still Alive Short Dynasty, but decided against it. Exiled to Lunar Lakes was just suppose to be a short story to get plot-driven writing out of my system and while it could have probably ended here (at chapter six currently) it's my story. It may not be the story I've been proud of in the past, but it's some of my best work. I want to see where it takes me and how it ends. With that being said, all previous chapters will be moved to Admiring The Ashes and new updates will be posted on there instead of Mpart's Malapropisms.

I didn't want to scrap Still Alive Short Dynasty because I really enjoy playing in the file and writing the updates. I'm nearly at generation five in the game and I'm so close to actually finishing a challenge for once! (As close as I have ever gotten in a written challenge anyways).

I never wanted to be that writer who didn't finish anything and tried to go out of my way not to be, but what I've learned is, most of the time you just get lucky when you get the chance to finish something. It doesn't matter what you did to prepare for it or what steps you took to make sure you didn't get burnt out, while that does help, most times you got to just hope that nothing goes wrong and go forward without losing that hope. So that's what I'm going to do.

That got really lengthy. Anyways guys, thank you for all your support. This is going to be a huge change, but I think this is going to be a really good fresh start.This blog will no longer be updated unless it retains to moving things over. Chapters will be now posted on Admiring The Ashes.


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